Take control of your money

Cede seek to bring a next-generation banking app to the market that guarantees your money's safe, without any limits or fees.

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Money Guaranteed

Your money, guaranteed

Cede Bank won't leverage, lend out or otherwise use your money. Becoming the only bank to be able to guarantee your account to it's full value.

We believe in giving you back control of your money. As a digital bank we will offer all the cutting edge tools you'd expect to manage your money securely and much more.

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Cede can guarantee your account to its full value, by not treating your money like it’s ours.

Security Guaranteed


The most secure banking, ever. All our customers accounts will be protected with cutting-edge user recognition and fraud detection AI. Cede will offer all of our customers an immediate, unlimited fraud reversal guarantee on transactions not personally authorised.

The Cede App will make it easier to manage your own security, with handy in-app features to authorise payments, lock your cards, and create unlimited single use cards for online purchases.

No fees?

Cede Bank stands for delivering the best for everyone. We don’t package our premium features into paid plans, instead making all our features available to all our users, all of the time.

Our premium service is available to everyone - with no fees, ever.

Benefits of a Cede account

Signing up to Cede will future proof your banking. We will continually develop our features and technology to always bring you the best. Here are just some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy using Cede.

In-app Trading

You will be able to trade shares, ILOs and cryptocurrencies directly from our secure banking app.

Support Guarantee

Guaranteed Support

If you need help, we guarantee to connect you to a live agent within 15 minutes during working hours.

Cede Marketplace

Our in-app marketplace will give you access to a wide range of products and services, along with significant purchasing discounts.

Split the Bill

Split Bills

A Cede account will make sharing costs simple, whether you are paying for your monthly utilities or dinner with friends.

Virtual Change Jar

Virtual Change Jar

Cede will help you save the small change from your transactions out of reach to watch it grow.

Crypto and Gold

Crypto and Gold

If you buy crypto and gold using Cede, you will buy actual crypto and gold, that means spendable, sendable, withdraw-able.